Friday, March 11, 2011

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Divorce and Child Support

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According to their separation agreement terms, Kate and Jon will take turns staying at the original family home when they each have their visitation. Jon agreed in the interview that the kids would be best protected and feel more secure by living at the house.

So several clients have asked me, if this separation is real, will either party be required to pay any form of child support for the eight children? And the answer is... IT DEPENDS. As mentioned above, the children will continue to reside in the home and the parents will take time living in the residence, which tends to make the adjustment for the children a little easier in a divorce proceeding.

In terms of Child Support, for example, if Jon is earning more money than Kate, and Kate is spending more time with the children, it is quite possible that he will be required to pay child support. However, if they are "sharing" custody of the children, and they both earn similar incomes, a child support obligation may not exist. Also, they might mutually agree to forego child support - that's also a possibility.

Considering they both earn something from their reality show - probably similar earnings - any child support obligation one could have to the other will be minimal.

Whatever is done in the dissolution (divorce process) or with child support, hopefully the children will have a smooth transition...

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